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Inspire the uninspired to inspire others!!

Creative Unique's soul purpose is to empower the "disabled" or "struggling" individuals that have trouble finding jobs due to societies processes. I believe in the value of 24 hours! I believe in the value of every individual! My goal is to build Creative Unique's into a Business that offers a service to those individuals  that struggle financially and hoping to ultimately financially stabilize  one another through building a retail store both online and on-site. The business will be limitless. I want any persons to be able to work in the environment I create. The walls will be interactive. I would like those people who have hearing loss to be able to recognize customers through floor vibrations. Bybuilding around the individual, i believe we can, not only, make the store specifically catering to limitless customers and employees but also help the mental health individuals keeping open opportunities to work on a daily basis. By building connections through Creative Unique's, Go Between and Taboo Schitt Channels and Podcast, bring together a community with like minded goals.  I will invest in hiring based on personality types, skills and an individuals curiosities. 

My name is Brooklyn Silva. I have 14 years of customer service experience, 15 years' licensed cosmetologist, 10 years' of retail experience, 8 years of professional sugar artistry also while being an instructor, 7 years of Workers' Compensation experience with my current position being the lead with a team of 5 responsible for providing the countries payroll information for all employees on behalf of the largest international company in the USA.

I pursued my license as a professional cosmetologist & succeeded  by the age of 17.  cake decorator & bakery manager successfully by the age of 27. From this I found my love for teaching. My drive & determination to learn, and curiosity then left me wanting more.

I found my calling in the pursuit of being the good I wanted to see in the world. 

I am a self-motivated, hard-working, dedicated individual that takes pride in all that I do. I believe my skills and talents can offer experience within a professional company as well as creatively think outside the box when analyzing situations and building this much needed diverse experience. I will build a business with and for the very individuals society has built around.

My goal with “Creative Unique’s” is CONNECTION!! My business is founded on supporting people. I  do this by promoting other peoples businesses, outreaching, volunteering and serving my community. Whether it is in person, on my website or in my video's, I call attention to the people that are doing good and bringing value to others. Eventually I hope to gain enough support to open a retail store that helps those needing new beginnings in life. To help teach people how to produce value in our society and in themselves no matter your age or situation. 

I aspire to prove that every human is valuable, is being heard and has a story that can inspire others.

Donate to help support our goal in inspiring the uninspired to inspire others while bringing value from the broken.​