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A Vintage View of Old & New...

Below and above you can find the exact category for each type of item you are looking for. Feel free to check out all the pages as new items are uploaded continuously! Click the picture and see our mission and purpose!

Pottery, Porcelain & Ceramics

From Royal Haeger pottery to Japanese porcelain, we have items of all kinds! Click here to see all the treasures awaiting!


Unique Art Glass

From Paperweights to glass centerpieces, you are bound to find that piece that catches the eyes of your guests. More specific on your designer glass? We have Murano, Crystal and Empoli glass that fills out customers collection needs! Click here to check out all the art we have available!


Framed Lithographs, Prints, Posters & Framed Art

Items from all area's that are already framed and ready for your display, Unframed pieces that fancy your style and more!! Native American Art to Civil War Water colors are being appraised & will be posted soon! click here to see all the history we have to offer!


Creative Unique Originals

Here you will find original one-of-a-kind items, handmade original creative art designs, specifically created by our designers using materials mainly acquired by re-purposing history, recycling the damaged and broken treasures of our ancestors into unique pieces of art for your enjoyment! Need that unique swagger edge to your fashion style? Check out our CKicks! Every pair of shoes are one-of-a-kind and hand painted with partial proceeds benefiting a charity!  


Collectible Pins, Patches & Coins!

100's of pins offered here!! Pins include any that are made from ceramic, metal, enamels, Gold (plated or not) and more! Souvenir pins, bowling pins, fabric and even your favorite figurine or animal Pins! You have to check out the vast quantity and variety to really see all we have to offer!! 


Unique Salt & Pepper Shakers/ Dispensers

Salt & Pepper Shakers and Dispensers Galore!! As one of my favorite items to collect, you can only imagine the variety, fun and unique sets I have acquired for your enjoyment!!


Unique Vintage Metal

Here you will find a emporium of items for your collector's eye ranging from souvenir keepsakes to military challenge coins! This page ranges from metals including Brass, bronze, Nickel, Silver and Pewter. Our selection changes daily, get your items before it's too late....  


Unique Brooches

Looking for the perfect accessory or a vintage original signed costume jewelry piece? Look no further as we have 100's of items for you to choose from! click below to learn more!!


Unique Jewelry Sets

Looking for that set that would be perfect to make your ensemble perfect? Look no further! Find every piece you need at once with these jewelry sets!! 



Tie Tacs, Tie Bars, Lapel Pins, Silver (plated/Sterling), Gold (plated/unplated), Wooden, Onyx and more! Here for every black tie event or just to show off your personality, these items are worth checking out!


Unique Pendants, Charms & Rings

Love charms? Collect pendants or are you just looking for that perfect gift for family and friends? Look no further! This page is for you! All items are individually purchased for you to customize, replace or just needing the item to tell someone they are special in just the perfect way. Click below to see all the selections we offer!


Unique Replacements

Broke a piece of your vintage glass ware? Broke a lid to your favorite cookie jar? Remember the china you inherited that broke during the move? Look no further! Find, here, replacement items from dish sets to china pieces. Find Pyrex Lids, restaurant ware or just that one vanity dish that came with your perfumes, this is a place where you may be able to catch your missing link to complete your collection! better keep an eye out on this page as these items disappear fast!



Its Auction time!! Every first Monday weekend of every month you will find a link to our monthly auctions. Here you can bid on items starting at $1.00!! This is for local pickup only. Get the auction discount without ever leaving your home to bid on these type of opportunities. This is coming soon!!!


"As-Is" Items

Remember your childhood dinner plates? That Little LuLu doll from the 40s that you loved so much? How about that vintage ceramic cookie jar your grandma had that you just cant find another one like? When it comes to nostalgia, the real heart and soul of your memories, some damage is way worth the purchase of the item just to be able to see it and remember the good times. Here are items that I have saved from homes, auctions, sales and estates that may have some damage but the nostalgia outweighs the little dings of character the item brings. for example, a 1966 LIBBEY I dream of Jeanie Doll with small little water spot stains are well worth the purchase of the doll itself! 


Donate to help support our goal in inspiring the uninspired to inspire others while bringing value from the broken.‚Äč